• Dust filter bags Dust collection
  • Dust filter bags Dust collection
  • Dust filter bags Dust collection

Dust filter bags Dust collection

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New Filter

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US $ 3.99 / pc

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10 pc

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Product Description

Model: PP, PE, PET,
Specifications: 1000
Product Description: conventional materials of industrial dust bags (dust bags): 729,208 flannel woven; needle felt PET material, the P-84, glass fiber, PPS, the United States and the Tasman; Membrane Filter PET coated P84 cover film, PPS film.

Dust bag filter performance
1, good air permeability, the pressure loss is small;
2, anti-wrinkle fold, good abrasion resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength;
, Moisture absorption, stripping and easy cleaning;
4, long life, low prices.

Ore mined;
Iron and steel metallurgy (raw materials field, ore crushing, screening, storage and transportation, steel making, etc.);
Non-ferrous smelting (lead / tin / silver / zinc furnace, aluminum manufacturing, the head of sintering machine, distillation columns, dust collection, etc.);
Cement Industry (shaft kiln, rotary kiln, crusher, dryer, coal mill), cement batching plant, building materials industry;
Light industry and chemical industry (positive pressure pneumatic conveying, spray drying, recycling and so on);
Food (flour production);
Chemical and pharmaceutical (petroleum coke crushing, spray dryer, dry fertilizer dryers, pharmaceutical raw materials, pesticide procedures dust);
Power (coal-fired fluidized bed boiler, coal storage and transportation, the blower into the wind, purification, etc);
Other (pulverized coal boilers, wood boilers, flour mill dust collection, plasma cutting, etc.);
PCB drilling machine dust collection (which can completely replace imported from Japan dust bag).

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