• White air-conditioning filter net
  • White air-conditioning filter net

White air-conditioning filter net

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new filter

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100 pc

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Product Description

Model: TPP34-36
Specifications: the W2M * 120m

Product Description: 100% PP nontoxic, creamy white and bright colors. (Milky white air-conditioning filter)

Details: Air conditioning filters bump honeycomb structure, used in a variety of air filtration systems, is a new field of environmental protection products, the product is easy to swap repeatedly cleaning the onset of long-lasting, anti-aging, low resistance to meet the majority of users to pursue health, clean air requirements. There are four categories more than 30 kinds of specifications, the material covering the PE, PP, PA, PET, The width and length can be customized according to customer requirements, special specifications can also be made ​​of folded network.
Application areas:
A, air conditioning and ventilation system, coarse dust pre-filter (large shopping malls, metal processing workshop, public places, etc.)
Acid, alkali ventilation filter places (chemical plant workshop, mine, ore processing, etc.)
Third, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Equipment
4, air cleaners and air purification equipment ((air conditioners, air humidifier, air purifier, air conditioning fans, automotive air conditioning and other small home appliances air system, etc.)
The early effect of five, engineering dust filter (construction sites, concrete mixing stations, etc.)

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